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"Are you going to dazzle with flare?

Sharply gauge the wicket in time

Don’t let hazards catch you unaware

A game of croquet can turn on a dime.

 Did that player throw down a turret?

Sharply gauge the wicket in time

With magic and fantastic clockwork

A game of croquet can turn on a dime."

Steampunk Croquet: Ashcan Rhapsody is a role-playing game shining a light on a high-stakes combat croquet contest set in a world rich with fairy magic and cog-driven marvels. You are a competitor, blessed with extraordinary abilities and cursed with an unquenchable drive to be the very best on the croquet garden. But off the field is where the real danger lurks... Action! Drama! Tea Time! 

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? 

This 40pg PDF includes the following:

  • Detailed rules for quick-paced combat croquet games.

  • A simple player competitor creation system leveraging simple stats, a Heart token system to keep play moving, and 19 special Gimmicks usable on and off the field.

  •  A slimmed-down Victorian-analogous setting to get your creative gears turning.

  • 2 narrative campaign briefs, 2 croquet tournaments, 5 hazard-laden croquet gardens, and 29 pre-generated Non-Player Competitors to fill out game rosters. 

  • Or, use the Match Play option, pick one of the NPCs to use, and jump right into that action! 

Steampunk Croquet: Ashcan Rhaposody Caltrop Core, published by Titanomachy RPG. The Caltrop Core SRD is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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How many players does this support?

I would ideally think 2 to 5 including the Host. Otherwise, the croquet segments may start to drag.